We have a change in our Donations Policies!

We now have Donation Tiers! As thanks, we will send you a gift as thanks for your generosity and support!

Tier 1: $10 – You will receive a digitally signed illustration sketch*.
Tier 2: $25
- You will receive a random poster print!
Tier 3: $50+ – You will receive a signed, printed copy of Episode 1!**

What’s great for you is, the more you donate, the more you receive!
You will receive each gift included in the previous tier!
(For example: If you donate enough for Tier 3: $50, you will receive: Episode 1, a poster print, and an illustration sketch!)

[Take a look at our Donations Page for more information.]

You may notice that the only gift art now is the illustration sketch.

If you wish to have a detailed illustration, you can e-mail OniChild via Zeldanime@gmail.com to request a commission from him.*
* Pricing varies on commission job.

Thank you all for your support and generosity!